horrible form, but at least the bar stayed on.

This blog is me.

I am Candice Dominguez, a Southern California native and a Northern California local. I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, an employee, an athlete, a student, and so many other things.

This blog is my happy space.

This is also my sad space. And my angry space. And my “started the day sad but now I’m happy because of something that happened” space.

Maybe I’m writing a poem. Or maybe it’s simply a rant of my day. Or maybe I had a really good day at practice and wanted to document it to look at when I have a bad practice.

This blog is mine.

Whatever the reason, this space is dedicated to forming my thoughts into several combinations of 26 letters to be interpreted differently by each who comes across them.

Have fun. Or don’t. No one’s keeping track.



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