The title is misleading because I’m already in college. But, I am a graduating senior who is going to her dream grad school! In the fall, I will begin working on my Master’s of Art in Business with a Specialization in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration (MAIAA) at University of Nebraska, Lincoln! It is a rather new dream as I first heard of the program via a mass email in December and when I heard only 12 people got accepted, I almost didn’t even apply. Here I am: younger than all my colleagues, scored in the 69th percentile on the GMAT, and only a 3.4 overall GPA. I put too many hours of work into my personal statement and although I do not know for sure, I think that is what caught their attention. I’ll go through the whole process in a timeline-ish manner.

December 14, 2016: Hear about the program through an email I got because I am on an email list for so many different Grad School reasons. I immediately forwarded this to my manager/BFF for advice on if I should go for it or not. “Fully-funded.” “Specialization in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration

December 19, 2016: Take the GMAT exam. Luckily I decided rather quickly to go with the flow of the Nebraska thing and I elected to have my GMAT scores sent to them on test day and it was included in the cost of the exam. I scored a 630 overall, which is far better than I felt I was prepared for. For comparison purposes: it would probably only take around 585 score to get into a state school’s MBA program, but it would take a 730+ score to get into Harvard. So I did “okay.”

December 29, 2016. Find someone to talk to that is in the program already. I went into total creeper mode for this, and I searched #MAIAA on Instagram. I found someone who is already in the program, and I just asked her questions. Lucky for me, she did not take this to be weird by any means, and she gave me her contact information to talk more. She is awesome and helped me so much throughout the whole process.

February 1, 2017: Submit my application. This included an online application, a personal statement saying, “I want to go here because…” a copy of my resume, and my unofficial school transcripts. I submitted everything on the due date of February 1 as opposed to sooner because I was scared that things were not 110% perfect. How bad would it have been if I did not get in because of a typo or something silly? (That was rhetorical.. I don’t even want to think about that!)

February 2, 2017: Thank you email from the program coordinator Brandon Urry. I think this was sent to everyone, but it’s still pretty cool that you can tell he went in, pasted something from the last one he sent, and pressed send as opposed to a completely automated thank you email that you get the second you press submit on an application.

February 6, 2017: Selected for a Finalist Interview. I thought, “Wow, that was so quick,” because it was seriously so quick. Everything happened so fast I had no time to be excited. (Who am I kidding, I was so excited!!)

February 9, 2017: Finalist Interview. Literally three days after I was even selected as a finalist, I found myself sitting at my kitchen table being interviewed by four important people that were sitting at a rather large, intimidating table in a conference room 1,300 miles away. It was the scariest thing and I was so nervous. But like the last step, I didn’t even have time to be nervous. It was go time.

February 20, 2017: Offered admission to the MAIAA Fall 2017 Cohort. Brandon called me while I was at work and it was just by chance that my boyfriend and manager/BFF were standing right there to celebrate with me. I told my coach and she screamed and cried happy tears. It was all so great and awesome, and I wish I can remember every detail. I was so high off happiness that I can hardly remember the moments. I of course called Mom and Dad and they were upset. Not “I can’t believe you,” upset, but “I can’t believe you’re moving to Nebraska,” upset. They knew I was going to go even thoughI just told them I got accepted.

February 21, 2017: Accept offer of admission. Brandon told me I had until the 27th to give him a yes or no answer, but I already knew that I was going to go if I got in. No other university in the country has a program that is at all comparable to the MAIAA program. On top of the uniqueness, it is fully-funded! That is so financially awesome when I am only 20 and have hardly any other way to afford this fancy piece of paper.

March 1, 2017 (today): Realize that I am actually moving to Nebraska. On the bright side, rent is so cheap over there. I have seen one bedroom apartments for as little as $395 and two bedroom for $510!! Talk about affordable. I will also be distancing myself from those who think “hella” is a word of measurement. I have given in and say it so much now, but only because I am being subliminally forced to do so. I am excited, don’t get me wrong. But I am moving to Nebraska. What is in Nebraska? What is snow? What are tornadoes? I’m just a Southern California girl looking for the best opportunity to get a Master’s in a sports related field, and life takes me to Nebraska? Oy vey… 



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