How-not-to Make Banana Bread

Where I work there is a box or two full of bananas being neglected of attention at any given moment. One day my boss took some home to make banana bread and I thought WOW, you are so smart. I love banana bread. My mom makes the best banana bread ever! (I am of course biased, but that is neither here nor there.) Continuing with the story, I looked online for a banana bread recipe and given that I had no butter at home….

I opted to use this recipe, and it looked great! I even added a handful of chocolate chips and thought I was awesome. It looked like banana bread, it smelled like banana bread, but OMG it tasted like trash. I am not going to blame the recipe, because I am sure it was a perfectly fine recipe and just a disgruntled chef. Those who left reviews left comments about how killer this bread was, but I could leave no such comment. In hindsight, I did forgot the cinnamon, and I used only all-purpose flour. The texture was off, the taste was bad, and I threw that excuse for bread away.


The next day, my teammate brought me banana bread and it was so much better than mine. I asked for the recipe and thought I would try it out. She found this recipe on Pinterest, and it really is so easy. I gave in and bought the dang butter to make this banana bread and it tasted so much better than the loaf the first recipe made. However, so much better is ambiguous because that last loaf was trash.


My problem when making this loaf was not in the recipe itself; I followed directions, made few modifications (more chocolate chips and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon), and baked it as it said to in the recipe. BUT we are in the middle of a storm, and the power went out while this loaf was in the oven!

I had just checked the loaf with a cake tester and it was still just a bit gooey, so I put it back into the oven. The power went out maybe 3 minutes after that. My mind was thinking, “Someone somewhere just doesn’t want me to make banana bread.” I just left the oven closed. Maybe I could save this! Maybe the heat left in the oven can finish baking this loaf. I did not check on the loaf for fear of letting even a little bit of heat escape from the oven. Ten minutes pass and I notice my television screen flash on, so I realize that the power must be back on. I come to check on my bread and it it BURNT. I was upset, but I peeled off all of the edges and ate the insides. It was great.

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow recipes for banana bread exactly.
  • If your power goes out, give up on the bread.
  • If banana bread tastes better when your friends make it, you are probably doing something wrong.
  • If all else fails, call Mom and ask her to send you some bread.

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